warm and fuzzy ansd cowl 013 cowl sm.jpg

Sometimes, it’s all about the yarn, and the coziness it creates. Sue Solakian’s super simple design, in Red Heart’s Hygge, is about as cozy as they come! Extremely oversized and left open at the sides, this tunic will wrap you with warmth.

Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Tunic pattern

Washcloths for Baby full pattern pic.jpg

Two easy patterns make two easy washcloths in Pink, or maybe in Blue. Which color does your baby like?

Washcloths for Baby pattern

White & Silver patternpic1.jpg

Corner-to-corner squares comprise an afghan that can look good in a modern, steampunk, or glamorous setting, or maybe even as a gift for a Silver Anniversary. Phyllis Gould uses Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice and Vanna's Glamour to create a bling-trimmed classic.

White & Silver pattern

Wild Rose Throw patternpic1.jpg

These surface-enhanced granny squares go beyond the plain old granny square in Sue Solakian's Wild Rose Throw, in Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice.

Wild Rose Throw pattern

Winsome Roses patternpic1.jpg

Irish crochet type flowers alternate with an openwork joining to create a fine romance in this rose strewn doily by Kathryn White.

Winsome Roses pattern

Winter Blues Throw pattern pic.jpg

It’s easier to sing the Winter Blues if you are underneath several shades of blue and some experienced stitching to keep you warm. Sue Solakian ‘s design reminds us that practice makes perfect, and experienced crochet is a worthy aim for any crocheter!

Winter Blues Throw pattern

Winter Roses Summer Roses patternpic1.jp

Roses are in bloom in Winter and Summer in Kathryn White's Irish crochet doilies.

Winter Roses/Summer Roses pattern

Winter Warmth patternpic1.jpg

Two colors of squares are joined together by a contrasting color for a bit of winter warmth, in Lion Brand's Heartland yarn.

Winter Warmth pattern

whitout 003sm cr.jpg

Post stitches and stripes are are made classic and cozy in this timeless design by Sue Solakian. Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice keeps it soft and warm!

Winter Whiteout Hat and Scarf pattern

Wonky Wubby full pattern.jpg

Textured rectangles, slightly askew, will make Baby’s playtime so much fun!

Wonky Wubby pattern

Wood Grained Scarf full pattern.jpg

Four basic stitches- sc; hdc; dc; and tr combine with a color changing yarn to create a many wood grained effect. One skein of Lion Brand’s Scarfie will get you through what is really a useful stitch rules exercise, all with a happy ending!

Wood Grained Scarf pattern

Woodland Rose Scarf patternpic1.jpg

Kathryn White makes Irish crochet brand new in her Woodland Rose Scarf design using Aunt Lydia's Bamboo 10.

Woodland Rose Scarf pattern

Worsted Sync Scarves patternpic1.jpg

Simple is sometimes best. Syncopation variations will help you easily create a unique scarf for everyone you know!

Worsted Sync Scarves pattern