Sailboats Afghan patternpic1.jpg

Granny squares go to sea with Michele Maks' Sailboats afghan in Red Heart's Super Saver yarn.

Sailboats Afghan pattern

San Pedrito Shawl patternpic1.jpeg

Large squares in Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton create a shawl worthy of any night out on the town. 24/7’s subtle sheen makes this a pleasure to both stitch and wear. A Sue Solakian design.

San Pedrito Shawl pattern

Santa, Baby! patternpic1.jpg

Keep a new baby festive and warm this holiday season! Made with Lion Brand's Homespun and Fun Fur.

Santa, Baby! pattern

Sausalito Vest patternpic1.jpg

Melissa Leapman gives us an artsy vest in a quick-to-stitch pattern and yarn in Lion Brand's Tweed Stripes yarn.

Sausalito Vest pattern

scarfie duo title.png

We love Scarfie! Scarves with a stitch pattern flow and a no finishing approach seem perfect for this perfect yarn. Keep the whole family warm!

Scarfie Duo pattern

scrubby 008 trio coolor sm (1).jpg

Crochet first, clean later! You can keep your priorities straight with 3 colorful scrub cloth patterns, all delightfully stitched in Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle

Scrubby Trio pattern

Scrunchie Time! full pattern pic.jpg

Five variations of scrunchie will fill your craft fair table or every Christmas stocking on your list!

Scrunchie Time! pattern

Seeing Spots patternpic1.jpg

Spots made with bobbles and variegated yarns create a cheery tie-dye look for kids or kids at heart, in Red Heart Super Saver

Seeing Spots pattern

Seeing Stars patternpic1.jpg

Shari White turns Noro into a celestial confection with her Seeing Stars shawl.

Seeing Stars pattern

Shaded Fringe Cowl patternpic1.jpg

A delectable, shimmery yarn and simple stitches create a dramatic cowl that can be worn as many ways as you desire, designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart's Boutique Midnight yarn.

Shaded Fringe Cowl pattern

Shamrock Mat patternpic1.jpg

Here’s a pretty little mat upon which to take your tea. Joyce Bragg does it Irish for us!

Shamrock Mat pattern

Shark! patternpic1.jpg

Intarsia and applique create a cozy comical shark, designed by Michele Maks , to quickly stitch in Lion Brand's Hometown USA.

Shark! pattern

Shell Shrug patternpic1.jpg

Shell stitches and an Unforgettable yarn make Danielle Reed's Shell Shrug a pleasure to stitch AND wear.

Shell Shrug pattern

Siesta patternpic1.jpg

Many colored stripes combine in a throw inspired by all things South of the border, designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart Super Saver.

Siesta pattern

Signs of Spring Washcloth patternpic.jpg

Take your crochet skills and create some beautiful bath accessories. Bring on the Beauty!

Signs of Spring Washcloth pattern

silly washcloth 007.JPG

This was intentionally designed for newbies with a sense of humor! This could easily be a new mom’s or child’s first full-blown project, something that can be used every day to wash your face and laugh! Designed by Michele Maks in Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton.

Silly Applique Washcloth pattern

Silver Gold Wrap.jpg

Squares, squares, squares! Joined together to make an elegantly simple wrap, designed by Sue Solakian in Lion Brand’s Heartland yarn.

Silver and Gold Wrap pattern

Simple Drop Dishcloth pattern.jpg

The simplest repeating drop stitch ever! Simple Drop Sc makes a pretty and hardwearing dishcloth for the crocheter and the dishwasher in you.

Simple Drop Dishcloth pattern

Simple Ribbed Striped Scarfpic1.jpg

Post stitches and Lion Brand's Heartland yarn in three colors make a fun-to-stitch and easy-to-wear classic scarf. Which colors will you choose?

Simple Ribbed Striped Scarf

Six-Sided Coasters patternpic1.jpg

Popcorn stitches worked in the round are made into six-sided coasters by Sue Solakian.

Six-Sided Coasters pattern

Skylines patternpic1.jpg

Not all cooks live in the country! Here are hotpads for your hot pad in the city! Designed by J. Erin Boland with Lily's Sugar 'n Cream in her signature csc stitch.

Skylines pattern

Slouch and Point 023 first insert.jpg

Texture and color combine to make this vibrant set for the teen in your life. A Michele Maks design in Red Heart’s Super Saver.

Slouch and Point Hat and Scarf pattern


Almost good enough to eat! Sue Solakian’s S’more Ornament is a clever way to mix your love of this favorite treat and Christmas!

S’mores Ornament pattern

S'mores patternpic1.jpg

Stacks of coasters in graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow shapes stack up to S'mores! Designed by Sue Solakian in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream

S'mores pattern

Snowballs pattern.jpg

Snowman collectors will love these! Stitch cute covers for Styrofoam balls and give them unique hats for a new snowman look. Designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart Super Saver and Boutique Unforgettable yarns.

Snowballs pattern

Snowballs! patternpic1.jpg

Whether you fill bowls with them or hang them from the tree, this snowball pattern will decorate your home delightfully!

Snowballs! pattern

Snowbear patternpic1.jpg

Not all snowman are made of snow. Not all snowmen are men! Kathleen Stuart's Snowbear doesn't feel chilly at all!

Snowbear pattern

Snowdancer Doily patternpic1.jpg

Snowflakes dance off your hook with Kathryn White's Snowdancer doily.

Snowdancer Doily pattern

Snowflake Afghan patternpic1.jpg

This snowflake will keep you warm! A round center works into 10 points for a snowflake of your very own, designed by Sue Solakian with Red Heart's Super Saver yarn.

Snowflake Afghan pattern

Snowman Hotpad patternpic1.jpg

J. Erin Boland's Snowman Hotpad is the jolliest of kitchen helpers! Done in csc with Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn

Snowman Hotpad pattern

Soap Scrubbie patternpic1.jpg

Soap on a rope becomes its own container and scrubbie. Designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart Crème de la Crème and Scrubbie yarns. 

Soap Scrubbie pattern

Soft AS a Bunny Scarf pattern.jpg

Even beginners can manage this cozy easy+ scarf in Lion Brand’s Go For Faux yarn. What could be sweeter than a cozy pastel racing stripe to softly wrap around your neck?

Soft As a Bunny Scarf pattern

Soleil Bookmark patternpic1.png

Books make wonderful gifts, but books with a handmade bookmark are the best! This pattern is actually one of three designs by Sue Solakian, made in Lion Brand Bonbons to let you easily find the right color- we even add a link for you to purchase this very cool put up of yarn in the pattern. It’s the little things that make Life special!

Soleil Bookmark pattern

Southwest Poncho patternpic1.jpg

Front post treble crochet stitches add a remarkable textural element to the color work on Bonnie Barker's Southwest Poncho.

Southwest Poncho pattern

Southwestern Pillow patternpic1.jpg

Joyce Bragg makes non-traditional granny squares into a unique, eclectic pillow.

Southwestern Pillow pattern

Spider Hotpad patternpic1.jpg

Lots of eight-legged help in the kitchen with J. Erin Boland's Spiders Galore! Done in her unique csc stitch in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Spider Hotpad pattern

Spiderweb Vest patternpic1.jpg

Get your Goth on with Stephanie Smith's Spiderweb Vest in Caron's Simply Soft yarn.

Spiderweb Vest pattern

Sports Fan patternpic1.jpg

Multiple shades of Team Spirit create an afghan that even a beginner can complete with satisfaction.

Sports Fan pattern

Spring Chickens Afghan full pattern.jpg

Let’s set the hen house buck-buck-bucking with Sue Solakian’s Spring Chicken Afghan! Vanna’a Choice and Pound of Love yarns from Lion Brand will give your stitching a wide variety of plumage choices. Let’s get clucking!

Spring Chickens Afghan pattern

Spring Chicken Dishcloth pic.jpg

Who doesn’t love a good hen fest?! In preparation for Sue’s larger afghan, try out this solitary chick to wash your dishes!

Spring Chicken pattern

Spring Lamb Hotpad patternpic1.jpg

Let Spring come into your kitchen like a lamb with a cleverly designed csc hotpad by J. Erin Boland. The knitted look design is a unique sc variation in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Spring Lamb Hotpad pattern

Square Pegs - Round Holes

Sue Solakian shows us how to put a square peg in a round hole using crochet!

Square Pegs - Round Holes pattern

Squared Off Dishcloth pic.jpg

A smaller version of Sue Solakian’s Squared Off Throw is perfect for a dishcloth, and also a great way to test out whether you want to sew squares together or join them as you go.

Squared Off Dishcloth pattern

Squared Off Throw pic.jpg

Sue Solakian squares off with Amore’ squares! A satisfying way to turn your 5 favorite colors into your favorite throw!

Squared Off Throw pattern

Stashdown Cowl patternpic1.jpg

Patches of single crochet Super Saver scraps are combined into a boho cowl, that even a beginner can do.

Stashdown Cowl pattern

Steppe Family Warmers patternpic1.jpg

Red Heart's Reflective yarn makes his and her hat and scarf accessories sparkle in just the right light.

Steppe Family Warmers pattern

Sticks & Stones pattern pic.jpg

Sue Solakian’s Sticks & Stones is an experienced Labor of Love. Texture abounds all the way through the border in Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice yarn

Sticks & Stones pattern

Stripes and Bloom Pillow patternpic1.png

An unusual motif square is central to one side of Joyce Bragg's pillow design.

Stripes and Bloom Pillow pattern

Sue-Per Scarf patternpic1.jpg

Big weather calls for a big scarf. Holding multiple strands of yarn together makes this Sue Solakian design both quick and easy.

Sue-Per Scarf pattern

summer hat pic.jpg

Lion Brand’s 24/7 mercerized cotton in the Goldenrod color-what could be better for a summer hat? Whether you slouch it or cloche it, this one will get used all summer long!

Summer Hat pattern

Summer Memories patternpic1.png

Whether it is used as a throw, or as a decorative round table topper, Sue Solakian's design will bring up memories of Summer all the year round, in Red Heart's Soft yarn.

Summer Memories pattern

Summertime Dishcloths patternpic1.jpg

Summertime, and the dishcloths are easy! Circle or square or hexagon- it's your choice in Red Heart's Crème de la Crème.

Summertime Dishcloths pattern

Sunflower Coasters pattern pic1.png

Quench your thirst AND your crochet urges big time with Sue Solakian’s Sunflower Coasters. Wouldn’t this be the perfect hostess gift for your next vacation visit?

Sunflower Coasters pattern 

Sunflower Patch patternpic1.png

Harvest time comes to your kitchen with J. Erin Boland's Sunflower Patch hot pad. Her unique csc stitch makes a knitted look in crochet in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Sunflower Patch pattern

Sunflower Tote patternpic1.jpg

Let the sunflowers shine with J. Erin Boland's beautiful Sunflower Tote, done in Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

Sunflower Tote pattern