Raggtime patternpic1.jpg

Two different ragg styled hats and a scarf  will make any Raggtime Gal's accesories warm and stylish! The cloche is in Red Heart's Soft yarn. The fur trimmed topper is in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease and Fun Fur; the cowl is in Fun Fur.

Raggtime pattern

Rainbow Fans Beach Wrap pic.jpg

Take your Granny to the beach! With Sue Solakian’s innovative rainbow fans, your beach wrap is sure to be noticed!

Rainbow Fans Beach Wrap pattern

Rainbow-Striped Winter Warmers patternpi

Rainbows will easily keep you warm with our simple set for winter! Designed by Michele Maks in Red Heart Super Saver.

Rainbow-Striped Winter Warmers pattern

Raised Granny patternpic1.jpg

Sometimes a pattern is so much fun that it needs to be done in different versions. Sue Solakian's Raised Granny works for the Baby OR for the favorite male in your life!
Adult version is in Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice; Baby version is in Red Heart's Soft Baby Steps yarn.

Raised Granny pattern


Kathryn White's collar is done with Vanna's Glamour to give a bit of bling to this not quite traditional collar design for experienced crocheters.

Razzmatazz pattern

Reading in Bed patternpic1.jpg

The simplest mitts will make reading in bed in a cold bedroom so enjoyable, designed in Red Heart's Heart & Sole yarn.

Reading in Bed pattern

Red Ribbon Ornament pic.jpg

Sue Solakian’s Red Ribbon Ornament takes advantage of size 3 crochet cotton, a store-bought tassel, and a plastic center base for firmness. Ribbons add to the festivities-what colors will you choose?

Red Ribbon Ornament pattern

Redwork Doily patternpic1.jpg

Red and white can work for any season in Kathryn White's pineapple-enhanced doily.

Redwork Doily pattern

Retro patternpic1.jpg

Granny squares are so great, sometimes you just have to wear them! Sue Solakian gives us two version, one made with Red Heart's With Love and one made with Lion Brand's Amazing yarn. You'll have fun both making and wearing them!

Retro pattern

Ribbed Collar Shawl patternpic1.jpg

Just a bit of warmth and style to throw over your shoulders in a colorful yarn that will give you an amazing, one-of-a-kind garment, designed by Sue Solakian in Lion Brand's Amazing yarn.

Ribbed Collar Shawl pattern

Ribbed Cowl Shawl pattern pic.jpg

Sue Solakian takes a soft baby yarn and an afghan square and makes it into a soft Ribbed Cowl. In Lion Brand’s Ice Cream.

Ribbed Cowl Shawl pattern

Ribbed Toboggan & Scarf  full pattern pi

In some places, it’s getting warmer...for all those other places, let’s keep our sense of humor, and our coziness intact, with Sue Solakian’s Tasselled Toboggan and Scarf in Red Heart Comfort Sport.

Ribbed Toboggan & Scarf pattern

Ripple In A Square full pattern pic.jpg

Experienced crocheters will love this granny based challenge by Sue Solakian in Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Coice yarn.

Ripple in a Square pattern

Ripple Me Right Dishcloths pic.jpg

Sc or dc? Bi or tri? These rippled dishcloths will give you lots of opportunity to play with color!

Ripple-Me-Right Dishcloths pattern

Ripple Shawl patternpic1.jpg

Ripple coloration is easy when the yarn does the work! Shari White's Ripple Shawl makes a traditional crochet technique oh so wearable in Paton's Lace yarn.

Ripple Shawl pattern

Rounds Dishcloth pic.jpg

Sue Solakian’s textural rounds make for a very modern looking dishcloth in Lion Brand’s Re-Up recycled cotton yarn

Rounds Dishcloth pattern

Royals patternpic1.jpg

Front post bobble stitches add texture to this classic hat and scarf set in Red Heart's Fiesta yarn.

Royals pattern

Rubies & Gold patternpic1.jpg

Rubies and gold, warmer than roses in Spring, to warm you in the cold with popcorns and jewel-like colors. Designed by Sue Solakian in Michael's Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn.

Rubies & Gold pattern

Ruffled Holiday Wreath patternpic1.jpg

Those ruffled yarns make more than scarves! Take an afternoon and create a wreath to decorate your front door, or to decorate inside.

Ruffled Holiday Wreath pattern