Natasha patternpic1.jpg

Get your best Russian on with our Natasha hat! Stitched with one strand of Lion Brand's Heartland and 2 strands Fun Fur held together, it will be a quick addition to your winter wardrobe (shown with Variations on a Granny Square as a shawl) JUST THE HAT PATTERN.

Natasha pattern

Nautical Double-Thick Hot Pads patternpi

A simple twist on single crochet makes nautical patterning a breeze on these handy and helpful potholders. J. Erin Boland uses her signature csc stitch to create these charted designs that closely resemble knitting in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Nautical Double-Thick Hot Pads pattern

Nautical Triple Thick Hot Pads patternpi

Lobster, or filet of fish? Your choice with J.Erin Boland's Triple Thick Hot Pads in 5 different styles, using Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Nautical Triple Thick Hot Pads pattern

BeFunky-collage nights in the SW.jpg

For experienced crocheters only! Sue Solakian’s masterpiece in Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice is one of the most innovative squares afghans we’ve ever seen!

Nights in the Southwest Afghan pattern

Not-Quite-Shell Shawl patternpic1.jpg

This shawl, an ever-growing triangle of almost shell stitches, can be fringed or trimmed with a decorative edging.

Not-Quite-Shell Shawl pattern