Gallinamore pullover patternpic1.jpg

A classic crocheted cable design for men or women by Melissa Leapman, stitched in Lion Brand's Heartland yarn.

Gallinamore pullover pattern

Ghost and Cat Hotpad patternpic1.png

Spooky! in the kitchen with a black cat and ghost design by J. Erin Boland, using her signature csc stitch and Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn.

Ghost and Cat Hotpad pattern

Giant Steps patternpic1.jpg

Lion Brand's Hometown USA gives a Maine coast look to this Chunky weight throw, designed by Michele Maks

Giant Steps pattern

Gingerbread Man Hotpad patternpic2.jpg

Let this gingerbread man by J. Erin Boland be your kitchen helper! In her siganure csc stitch in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

Gingerbread Man Hotpad pattern

Glittery Garland and Ornaments patternpi

Using festive yarn to create simple beaded chains makes for a fast and fabulous garland and ornaments. It doesn't get any easier than this! In Lion Brand's Martha Stewart's Glitter Eyelash yarn.

Glittery Garland and Ornaments pattern

Glitzy Jacket patternpic1.jpg

A little bit of glitz makes any day more fun! Melissa Leapman's easy-to-wear cardigan will be your new favorite! Stitch in Lion Brand's Vanna's Sequins for a subtle hint of bling.

Glitzy Jacket pattern

Gobble Gobble Hotpad patternpic1.jpg

Let's talk turkey! J. Erin Boland's hotpad will help you with your feast! Stitched in her signature csc stitch in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

Gobble Gobble Hotpad pattern

Golden Doubloons Shawl patternpic1.jpg

​Sue Solakian makes this shawl golden! Using both a solid and a tweed shade of Lion Brand's Heartland yarn, this embellished shawl gives you that Midas touch! An alternate version in scarf size will also keep you colorfully covered.

Golden Doubloons Shawl pattern

Grannies at Sea afghan patternpic1.jpg

Portable squares, a variation on the traditional granny square, can be easily worked on the beach, in the car, or at a sporting event. Sue Solakian designed them with Red Heart Super Saver yarn colors reminiscent of beach glass.   

Grannies at Sea afghan pattern

Granny's Bookmark patternpic1.png

Books make wonderful gifts, but books with a handmade bookmark are the best! This pattern is actually one of three designs by Sue Solakian, made in Lion Brand Bonbons to let you easily find the right color- we even add a link for you to purchase this very cool put up of yarn in the pattern. It’s the little things that make Life special!

Granny's Bookmark pattern

Granny Fans Scarf patternpic1.png

Granny squares don't have to be square! Andee Graves takes traditional granny stitches and makes them Unforgettable.

Granny Fans Scarf pattern

Granny's Heart Dishcloth full

What could be easier than an 8-granny square heart? A little love for your kitchen cleanups is coming your way!

Granny’s Heart Dishcloth pattern

Granny Ripple afghan patternpic1.jpg

Melissa Leapman takes those granny stitches up a notch by turning them into ripples. Stitched in Cascade 220 Superwash yarn.

Granny Ripple afghan pattern


Grannies stripe it rich on this colorful Sue Solakian design, made in Red Heart’s baby friendly Baby Hugs yarn

Granny Stripes for Baby pattern​

Granny's Crayons baby blanket patternpic

A center gathering of granny squares branches out to colored textured stripes in vibrant colors and white, giving it all a crayoned look in Red Heart's Anne Geddes Baby yarn, designed by Sue Solakian.

Granny's Crayons baby blanket pattern

Gumdrop Dreams full pattern pic.jpg

Bands of bobbles separated by surface color create a pleasant and colorful textural medley for Baby.

Gumdrop Dreams pattern