Cable and Arrow set patternpic1.jpg

Bonnie Barker's signature Celtic stitches create this textured hat and scarf combo in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease yarn.

Cable and Arrow set pattern

C-A-L Square‏ pattern​pic1.jpg

A Six inch square to be used in the CAL or on its own, in Lion Brand's Heartland yarn

C-A-L Square‏ pattern​

Calcutta Doily patternpic2.jpg

For experienced crocheters only! Kathryn White used size 20 thread and bullion stitches to create this threadwork masterpiece.

Calcutta Doily pattern

Candy Corn patternpic1.jpg

Sweet treats with no calories at all! Sue Solakian creates candy corn from Red Heart Super Saver.

Candy Corn pattern

Candy Corn afghan patternpic1.jpg

Cover yourself with candy corn—like these grannies in Sue Solakian's Candy Corn afghan, made with Red Heart's Super Saver yarn.

Candy Corn afghan pattern

Carnaval scarf patternpic2.jpg

Textured squares are joined into textured strips which are then joined to make this cruise-worthy throw. Designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

Carnaval scarf pattern

Caribbean Colors full pattern.jpg

Sue Solakian takes her colorful hexes to our favorite beach! Red Heart Super Saver will take you to Rincon or Malibu or Coney Island or your toddler’s inflatable pool in the colors that say “BEACH” to you!

Caribbean Colors pattern

Cat_in_the_Sky patternpic1.png

This black cat hot pad pattern designed by J. Erin Boland is sure to bring you good luck in the kitchen. Stitched in her signature csc stitch in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

Cat in the Sky pattern

Catnip Squiggle patternpic1.jpg

Don't forget your feline friends! Sue Solakian's catnip squiggle is sure to please! In Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

Catnip Squiggle pattern

Celebrate Patriots patternpic1.jpg

Designed by Sue Solakian in Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice, the heart of each of these squares is purple, to commemorate our valiant warriors. Consider this a project for one of our valued veterans.

Celebrate Patriots pattern

Celtic Knot Hot Pad patternpic1.jpg

Crochet a Celtic Knot hot pad to give you the luck of the Irish in your kitchen all year long! Designed by J. Erin Boland in her signature csc stitch and Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

Celtic Knot Hot Pad pattern

Celtic Weave Hat and Scarf patternpic1.p

A thick post-stitch woven look creates luxurious warmth on two types of hats and a matching scarf, designed by Bonnie Barker in Lion Brand's Homespun yarn.

Celtic Weave Hat and Scarf pattern

before P 1459 make it do scarf.jpg

What’s a beginner to do? Chain! Chain! Chain! Sue Solakian shows newbies how they can practice chaining, and still have a finished project!

Chain, Chain, Chain pattern

Chameleon patternpic1.png

Camouflage is trending right now, and this pattern makes it possible for even a beginner to create this very versatile garment in Red Heart Super Saver

Chameleon pattern

Chanukah Afghan patternpic1.jpg

Lindsey Stephen's textural squares alternate with plain squares in Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice yarn to create a Chanukah afghan that will become a holiday family treasure.

Chanukah Afghan pattern

Chasing Rainbows patternpic1.jpg

Rainbow colors are simply and colorfully stitched together for a  very lucky baby! Designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart's Super Saver yarn.

Chasing Rainbows pattern

Checkerboard Placematspic1.jpg

Granny squares in worsted weight cotton are joined-as-you-go and then woven with decorative ribbon in this design by Sue Solakian

Checkerboard Placemats

Cheeky Chic Halfghan pattern pic.jpg

A fabulous yarn in fabulous colors with a fabulous pattern- what’s no to like? Sue Solakian takes you places where squares don’t usually go!

Cheeky Chic Halfghan pattern

Cheeky  Dishcloth pic.jpg

We’ve taken Sue Solakian’s Cheeky Chic Shawl design and made a smaller version into this week’s dishcloth. Pretty colors would make this great for a little girl’s washcloth!

Cheeky Dishcloth pattern

Cheerful Capelet patternpic1.jpg

Just a little bit of warmth for a little bit of girl! Designed by Joyce Bragg in Lion Brand's Heartland yarn.

Cheerful Capelet pattern

Chevron Scarf patternpic1.png

Sometimes sock yarn isn’t for socks! Sue Solakian uses the fabulous coloration of Paton’s Kroy sock yarn to fashion a colorful and subtly textured chevron scarf. 

Chevron Scarf pattern

Chill Chaser afghan patternpic2.jpg

An all over pattern of sc popcorns make for a cozy patterned edged throw by Sue Solakian in Red Heart Super Saver yarn. 

Chill Chaser afghan pattern

Christmas Present Washcloth full pattern

Four trimmed grannies and a chained bow make remembering to wash your face easy!

Christmas Present Washcloth pattern

Christmas Quickie Throw and Pillow patte

The joy of quick stitching will let you decorate your home quickly with our simple pillows and throw, trimmed with just a bit of Holiday bling. Designed by Michele Maks in Red Heart's Light & Lofty and Holiday yarns.

Christmas Quickie Throw and Pillow pattern

Chunky Sync Scarf patternpic1.jpg

Chunky yarns make for quick and easy gifts with Michele Maks' Chunky Sync Scarf, in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Chunky or Hometown USA- your choice!

Chunky Sync Scarf pattern

Church Window Afghan patternpic2.jpg

Create your own church window afghan with Sue Solakian's beautiful design. Red Heart Super Saver goes round and round to create this heirloom piece.

Church Window Afghan pattern

Cintamani Jewelry patternpic1.jpg

Cintamani is reminiscent of an exotic talisman of precious rubies, amethysts, and sapphires inlaid within brilliant gold, all interpreted using a fine size 20 crochet thread, creating a jewelry set to remember. Designed by Lori J. Carlson.

Cintamani Jewelry pattern

Circle Game afghans patternpic2.jpg

Experienced crocheters will enjoy the challenge of new stitches—a variety of linked stitches will create afghans, either baby or adult size, that are like modern works of art. Designed by Susanna Tobias in Bernat's Mosaic and Red Heart's Boutique Unforgettable yarns.

Circle Game afghans pattern

Circle in a Square afghans patternpic1.j

Circles in squares—a black and white one for adults and a fluffy version for the Baby, complete with matching toy. Designed by Joyce Bragg (afghan) and Susanna Tobias (Mr. Loopy) in Red Heart yarns, With Love and Baby Clouds.

Circle in a Square afghans pattern

circle pop pattern pic 2.jpg

You know you need them! Your favorite shades of worsted weight cotton are made into these quick and colorful hotpads.

Circle Pop pattern

climbing flowers 025whole SM.jpg

When Winter lingers on, we’re going to need some warm flowers to keep our spirits up. Red Heart’s Hygge is just the yarn for cozy florals!

Climbing Flowers Scarf pattern

Clover Set patternpic1.jpg

Get lucky with Danielle Reed's quick clover-leaf accessories in size 10 crochet thread.

Clover Set pattern

Color Go Round pattern pic.jpg

Colorful Hexagons, in rotating colors, will enable you to create an entertaining Throw, adding crochet skills to your repertoire as you do so, Design by Sue Solakian in Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice yarn.

Color Go Round pattern

Colorful Capelet patternpic1.jpg

Post stitches and an Amazing yarn create Danielle Reed's easy-to-wear capelet.

Colorful Capelet pattern

Color Play Scarves full pattern.jpg

What fun to pick out 5 different colors and make not one, but two, different scarves for a somehow related duo. Fun to make, fun to give, and fun to receive!

Color Play Scarves pattern

Colors of Autumn Shawl patternpic1.jpg

Motifs in Mini Mochi are joined as you go for this classic autumnal shawl, designed by Shari White.

Colors of Autumn Shawl pattern

Color Stripes Dishcloth pic.jpg

Playing with colors and stitches, combined as you like them! This one is the basis for a whole lot of fun!

Color Stripes Dishcloth pattern

Cottonsedge Set patternpic1.jpg

The naturals get a whole new feel with a pouf-topped hat and a chunky scarf. Designed by Danielle Reed and Michele Maks. The hat is stitched in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease and Romance; scarf is in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Chunky.

Cottonsedge Set pattern

Country Christmas Lapghan

Two strands of Red Heart Comfort yarn make quick work of this Country Christmas  Lapghan by Sue Solakian. A surface treatment of chains adds a plaid finish to a granny square base.

Country Christmas Lapghan Pattern

country lace for baby pic.jpg

Lace can be not fussy, not tedious, not too hard, and still be beautiful! We’ve got your new Country Bumpkin covered!

Country Lace for Baby pattern

Cowled Vestie patternpic1.jpg

Danielle Reed's cowled vest is so versatile that you'll want to make one in every color! Lion Brand's Heartland yarn gives it it's wonderful sheen.

Cowled Vestie pattern

Cranberry Granny afghan patternpic1.jpg

Join-as-you-go motifs will delight experienced crocheters in Sue Solakian's Cranberry Granny Afghan in Red Heart's With Love yarn.

Cranberry Granny afghan pattern

Crayon Box Ribble full pattern pic.jpg

Sue Solakian makes crayon colorstand out in a crowd! Red Heart Super Saver, Sue’s design, ad your crochet skills will make some special child VERY happy!

Crayon Box Ribble pattern

Crazy Daisy afghan patternpic2.jpg

Keep the garden close to you all year long with these crazy daisies. Designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart's With Love yarn.

Crazy Daisy afghan pattern

Crochet  Maille  Necklace .jpg

Yvonne Tate’s unique crochet-on-chains necklace is bound to make any summer top extraordinary!

Crochet Maille Necklace pattern

Cross-Color afghan patternpic2.jpg

Create your own cross-color puzzle with Sue Solakian's design! Textured squares are stitched in Red Heart Super Saver.

Cross-Color afghan pattern