Baby Basket Weave baby blanket patternpi

The traditional granny square is given a post-stitch treatment, creating boxes of basket weave for Baby. Designed by Michele Maks in Red Heart Super Saver.

Baby Basket Weave baby blanket pattern

Baby Mandalas full pattern pic.jpg

Textured Circles make Baby’s world go round!

Baby Mandalas pattern

Baby Sports Fan patternpic1.jpg

Simple stitches and Team Spirit yarn combine for a Baby Sports Fan blanket with a coordinating sweater. Easy enough for beginners!

Baby Sports Fan pattern

Baby's Puffed Patch Throw

Two strands of yarn worked together make this both quick and colorful! Designed by Sue Solakian in Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice.

Baby's Puffed Patch Throw pattern


Sue Solakian takes rainbowed squares and colorfully ripples them in Red Hearts’ baby friendly Baby Hugs yarn.

Baby’s Rainbow Ripple pattern

Basket of Bunnies patternpic1.jpg

A basket of bunnies is the perfect Easter gift for your little ones! Sweet, but sugar free! Designed by Michele Maks in Red Heart Super Saver.

Basket of Bunnies pattern

Bats in the Moonlight hotpad patternpic1

Go batty with your crochet! J. Erin Boland creates a bat-tastic hotpad in her signature csc stitch and Lily's Sugar ' n Cream cotton.

Bats in the Moonlight hotpad pattern

Beach Bound Boa pic.jpg

A beautiful yarn, a fun and simple pattern, suitable for seaside stitching- what more could you ask for?

Beach Bound Boa pattern

Bears! patternpic 1.jpg

If you go in to the woods today- bring a crochet hook! Kathleen Stuart's adorable bears are quick to stitch and love in Lion Brand's Hometown USA.

Bears! pattern

Beginner's Beauty Afghan patternpic

A gorgeous yarn and simple stitches will make this a gift to yourself to stitch! Red Heart's  Boutique Midnight yarn will make this a beginner's dream come true!

Beginner's Beauty Afghan pattern

bell motif pattern pic1.jpg

Sue Solakian combines simple crochet elements into a bell-trimmed ornament. You’ll want to hang them everywhere!

Bell Motif Ornament pattern

Berries on the Vine shawl

Shari White's Berries on the Vine shawl looks more complicated than it is—the repeating pattern makes a beautiful allover fabric. Suggestions for appropriate lightweight yarns make it easy for you to pick the one that's right for you.

Berries on the Vine shawl pattern

Big Beach Baby full pattern pic.jpg

Little granny yoyos add up to a seascape full of blankie for your beach lover, no matter how big or small!

Big Beach Baby pattern

Bitty Baskets patternpic 1.jpg

These bitty baskets are quick and easy enough to make one for each person at your table! Designed by Michele Maks in Red Heart Super Saver.

Bitty Baskets pattern

Black & White full pattern pic.jpg

Some things should be seen in black and white! Sue Solakian’s B & W afghan is one of them. Imagine this in a room full of B&W photos, or even in a classic coco Chanel décor….better start now!

Black & White pattern

Black cat coasters and towel topper patt

Silly and simple and not so scary! Gift these to your favorite black cat lover! Designed by Michele Maks in Lion Brand's Kitchen Cotton. The coasters have felt bottoms for extra protection.

Black Cat Coasters & Towel Topper pattern

Black Marble afghan patternpic 1.jpg

A popcorn surface treatment on both solid and variegated yarns make ordinary granny squares extraordinary! Sue Solakian designed it in Red Heart Super Saver.

Black Marble afghan pattern

Blue Flourish hotpad patternpic2.jpg

Whether your kitchen is classic or modern or country, Blue Flourish is the perfect accent for your cooking décor. J. Erin Boland uses her signature csc stitch and Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton to create this unique looks-like-knit-but-it's-not hotpad.

Blue Flourish hotpad pattern

Blue Serenade Throw patternpic2.jpg

Two shades of blue , with added post stitch texture, create a throw suitable for either an adult or a baby, designed by Sue Solakian in Red Heart's With Love yarn.

Blue Serenade Throw pattern

Blue Willow hotpad pattern_.jpeg

Blue Willow lovers will need this hot pad! J. Erin Boland interprets this classic china pattern in her signature csc stitch and Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

Blue Willow hotpad pattern

bohos 001sm.jpg

Waste not, want not! Use up those worsted weights scraps and scarf up the neighborhood!

BOHO Scarf pattern

BOO hotpad patternpic1.jpg

A silly, scary hot pad goes BOO by J. Erin Boland in her signature csc stitch and Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

BOO hotpad pattern

Born on the 4th of July patternpic1.jpg

The simplest stitches make a patriotic blanket and matching hat for your little one in Lion Brand's Heartland yarn 

Born on the 4th of July pattern

Bountiful Table Set patternpic1.jpg

Post stitches and lots of color in two different weights of cotton make this table set by Becky Dirlam a wonderful way to use up scraps- or buy some more cottons!

Bountiful Table Set pattern

Bourriche patternpic1.jpg

There's texture for everyone in a popcorn surrounded basket weave blanket by Sue Solakian. Both an adult version and a baby version will keep your demand for texture completely satisfied!

Bourriche pattern

Bristol Shawlette patternpic2.jpg

This is a beautiful, wearable threadwork piece you can wear—courtesy of the master herself, Kathryn White. In Aunt Lydia's Bamboo size 10 thread.

Bristol Shawlette pattern

Broken Stripes Dishcloth pattern pic.jpg

Circles can be done in solids, and then they can be done in stripes to give a new twist to your bi-colored dishcloths. What colors will you choose?

Broken Stripes Dishcloth pattern

Bubble Wrap shawl patternpic1.jpg

An innovative variation on the shell stitch creates a shawl to wear everywhere! Designed by Karen Ballard in Red Heart's Boutique Unforgettable yarn.

Bubble Wrap shawl pattern

Bucket Bags patternpic1.jpg

Whether you want a quick novelty yarn bag or a multi color patterned bag, there's a bucket bag here for you. Designed by Michele Maks in Red Heart's Super Saver and Boutique Twilight yarns.

Bucket Bags pattern

Bunny Hot Pad patternpic2.jpg

You're nobunny ‘til you have a bunny hot pad! J.Erin Boland uses her signature csc stitch to create a knit look-alike in Lily's Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

Bunny Hot Pad pattern

Butterfly Dance Doily patternpic2.jpg

Experience crocheters will enjoy the challenge of Kathryn White's multifaceted design. This one requires deep breaths and an experienced skill level! 

Butterfly Dance Doily pattern