Michele Maks: Publisher, editor, and designer, a.k.a. “The Boss”

Likes: small dogs, yarn, Popham Beach, Laurel Hill crochet hooks, yarn, lobster, yarn.
Dislikes: bureaucracy, humorless people, being too far away from the ocean.
No, but seriously: Michele began designing knitwear in 1985 while still dairy farming, and has not spent a day ever since without yarn flowing through her hands. A brief stint as editor of Crochet World was cut short by an MS diagnosis, but cutting stress levels (by starting an online magazine!) and healthy living have made life in the crochet world possible again.

Susanna Tobias: Layout Artist and Tech Editor a.k.a "Editor Empress"

Likes: Books, yarn, Ghost Hunters and guinea pigs.
Dislikes: Improper grammar and going to bed before 11 pm.
No, but seriously: Susanna hails from nearby Dayton, OH and holds a B.A. in Publishing from Bob Jones University and a Masters of Crochet Stitches from the Crochet Guild of America. She and her personal library and yarn collection now live in Berne.

Don Patty: Head Photographer

Likes:  Go-cart racing, NASCAR, going to the fair
Dislikes: Writing profiles, photographing navy blue and white together.
No, but seriously: Don was an industrial design major at Dayton Art Institute and was an automotive modelmaker for GM and Porsche. He ran 500+ acres in grain farming over a 30+ year period, and now enjoys retirement and pulling his hair out taking photographs for mainly crochet.

Chelsea Snyder: Photographer at Large

Likes:  being a mermaid, coffee, and winking at boys.
Dislikes: traffic jams, Mercury in retrograde
No, but seriously: Chelsea currently resides in Austin, Texas where she works for the cause of breaking generational poverty. She is also an art activist who enjoys traveling the globe with her camera, and has a passion for mural painting. Her photographic work has been published in Schmap: New York magazine and with Superheadz Co. and you can find her hand in street art located in NW Ohio, San Diego, and Lima, Peru!

Arielle Patty: Social Media Networking

Likes:  serious sleeping in, relaxing at the farm, CATS and most other four-legged friends
Dislikes:  hot/loud/crowded places, small holes (such as a sponge, coral, etc), vomiting
No, but seriously: Arielle regularly updates the Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for mainly crochet with images of the latest patterns and news. She has a Bachelor of Liberal Studies from Bowling Green State University, and is currently attending The University of Toledo for a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Career goals outside of mainly crochet include working with underserved youth and victims of violence through animal therapy.

Michal Walenty Carson: Promotional Consultant

Likes: Working out, tattoos, LMFAO and Halestorm ,and red meat.
Dislikes: Jazz, onions, and Dr. Phil.
No, but seriously: Michal is planning on expanding mainly crochet’s subscriber base to be right up there with the corporations that currently control the crochet pattern industry.

Mika: Mascot

Likes:  Rolling in piles of unspeakably horrible stuff, butter, and her squeaky toys.
Dislikes: Being told “no”, the turn signal noise in the car, when Michele sneezes, baths.
No, but seriously: Mika was a rescue dog from Coastal Humane, Brunswick Maine, who was probably a puppy mill breeder dog before rescue. She prefers to be photographed with the models at ALL photo shoots, and mostly is a very good girl.

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